Jun 7, 2011

We Love Food As Much As Design

Our appreciation for good design is great and we strongly believe that design brings down all barriers between all nations of the world, but we think of food as the same. Therefore, we have dedicated a section of our blog to feature our favorite cooks and food bloggers of the world, to share with you this second love we have.

This month we are featuring Ms. Bethany Kehdy, a Lebanese-American food blogger, recipe developer, freelance food and travel writer, and food photographer. Ms. Kehdy is the founder of Taste Lebanon, leading culinary tours across Lebanon and Food Blogger Connect; Europe’s first and only conference and forum for food bloggers.
What’s special about this lovely lady; is the sense she has for bringing out the beauty and essence of the Middle Eastern cuisine and framing it in a very modern. We have picked a few of her dishes that left us drooling : )
Hope you like them!
1. Mixed Green Salad with Garlic Butter Beans, Fried Egg & Sumac. 2. A Lebanese Layered Dip.  3. Cardamom Yoghurt Mousse w/Tangerine Compote & Pistachios.

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