Mar 24, 2011

An introduction about Boxed

Lots has been said at our website pages, so I’ll briefly say that we are the first website in the Middle East to take the lead in connecting Independent Designers with consumers.

During our long journey of establishing Boxed, we found out that the Middle East carries so little information and a stereotype image of what is an Independent Designer or Artisan. The image carries limited creativity, an under developed hobby and little modernism.. on the contrary this came out to be untrue!

We got in touch with many great designers that are self-employed, or part timers and they have shown us brilliance, professionalism, creativity and lots of modern designs!

I must add as well, that all our motivation behind this is from the vibes we get and positive energy we receive from our beloved designers and suppliers.
Thank you all and please welcome Boxed into this world..

Best regards,
Sarah S.
Managing Director @ Boxed


  1. Congrats Sarah, it looks fantastic! I'm so happy to be part of Boxed. Thank you for all the support and lovely communication! I hope that Boxed will take off really well!

  2. I read about Boxed on Mitsy's blog. Great idea!
    Congratulation! Wish you good start.
    I'm a ceramic artist and if you like my work, I'll be happy to participate too.

    Best wishes, Tika