Dec 14, 2011

5 Tips for Interior Decorating Your Studio

Seems like apartments are shrinking with the economy and we're forced to cram all of our wonderful ideas in smaller and smaller spaces! Looking to keep your studio up-to-date with a modern taste? We've got a few tips to keep you living in style without living in a junkie-like space.
Essential Choices
You're working with limited space. When you go out hunting for new items, keep in mind that they should feel absolutely essential to the feel of the room you're trying to create.  Don't splurge on simple ornaments, make the functional pieces of your apartment the ones that shout.  

Vicious Editing
Once you've already gotten the pieces you want, you must become a heartless editor.  Slash and throw away the pieces that are not needed.  In such a small space, even the slightest excesses create a feel of clutter.  You're looking to create a clean looking area.  Studios look dirty quickly.

One. Single. Theme.
When you live in a multi room space, you can theme different rooms as much as you'd like.  When you exist in a single space, though, it should flow with a single theme.  Not that color variations and hues should not change, but that there should be no confusion of message in the design.  Asian Zen theme?  Go for it, but don't add a dash of Modern Euro into it.

Define Areas
To give yourself a sense of space, clearly define areas in your room.  Despite it being a studio, there should be a distinct mentality of Bedroom, Reading Area, Kitchen, etc.  If nothing else, you don't want new friends accidentally standing in your bedroom uninvited.

Use the Room
The space itself will come with its own opportunities and challenges. Use the space, utilize dividers to clearly state differences.  Lighting, too, can be a way of identifying different areas in your space.

Most important to designing a studio is to believe that it is your space. We  prefer studios to one bedroom apartments, the unification of the room represents a unification of life.  No areas are seperated.  Whatever you choose to do with your space, own it.

Finally, have fun with the decorating and as we always say 'things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a story, and a purpose beyond mere decoration'.

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